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demonpronin: a lot of the wars i see are oil based

andrewfma: maybe the same imagination had been described.

germanmershin: in China,we often get a illegal shot from the power.

miledimargo: dilmurod200787, we burn it out our tailpipes

myvidess20: turbios,

fraylp: no more plastic!

leikor: burning 2% of the fuel ? really ?

lilyarustamova: certain plastic has been proven to make people gay....

bezbashka8: just wait until the oligarchs figure out that intentionally ridding the planet of fresh drinkable water is even more profitable

edwin94: the desalination wars will be epic :P

hasyanovroma: kostyazek, from thermal to fast neutron spectrum. the future is looking better for desalination with the 700c molten salts

amanovdenis: all these reactors can use spent fuel and/or thorium

maryweiss: slzaboi, very little actinides

opelatevgen: Make sure your plastic bottles are BPA free

bacon2002: mintishinova, the desalination magnates will be king

yayaru2018: everything but ?

swatgames: all the money the west spent on oil is now biting them in the ass. using it for fuel is a primitive way to use the resource. i look forward to the death of the internal combustion engine

ddv2003: He hate us cause he Anus

tamerlansaken: he heinous anus

sashakalvinkovskiy: yuliaruz, i must wait a while for the transition

ilyatronin2014: I feel like the sopranos. . Cut off at the end...

slobodinskiy: anzhelacybina, so many possibilities . electric will add to the fun lol

artemsimushkin: innaarabadzhm, engineering meets artist?

markstadniczkij: no more arm strong steering for me

grebnoyalfe: Mega contemporary! Jelouse of the 68!

prostoalexashka: i first saw the setup on a shelby - robbed from a saturn lol

santexreal: ewqqwe1, but they never had power steering as far as i know

sashakalvinkovskiy: Shelby was an American hero of design! Took what worked and made it beautiful yet monster

grischas: Adding power steering is something Shelby would have done if he had time ;)

crazymasharu: +1

railham: smart dude

santexreal: aleksanderkulnachev, you knowbhow he felt about that :D

hjvfy: Shelby basically said a big FU to everyone who hired him early days then said a big FU to his own designs! Love that guy! Must of been a bitch to work for though lol

sergebss: we need volume we all hodling

xagen27: rafayelgalstyan, yeah this is kinda BS right now.

pupchenkon: Keep checking in and nothings changed :/

antonykroma: You can tell its same people running this place because no one else would leave just these coins here and expect volume...

azikavi: So easy to make money other places. So hard here.


kateperes: malikatara, like where?

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