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31/08/2019 02:39 from Admin

31.08.2019 maintenance. Maintenance window 20:00 - 23:59 UTC. Downtime approximately 60 minutes.
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maryweiss: prostoalexashka, -$5 lol

ybulka: How would i know

nikitabalezin: rclens, u might be right :)

krustem: kenanmuradli, Lol

klimovadasha: nikkuzmin2003, kno any details?

amanzhan1995: masha199317, no, but i am very often right :)

project033: hehe

ismailovmurad: eth to the moon

poligonset: All i know is i was right about my 70% investment lets go Etc!!!

djscooter: eth is the future buy now

demidovtolya: kas0002, we should listen more to u

danilaviasov: lol

ybulka: artemsimushkin, Well the ones that did from Feb to now made more than me ;)

vladkanaumkin: Pal2days you here ?

zakariga: i would have to look whether i have some left

olchik3301992: telegrammamusic, since Hef died... :3

fetaxe: glockbug, looool

cfiffkbyf: 9% is low

ilyasovalena: i get 40 :)

vinniksvdsma: dont ruin the market

dvizhenie: btce once was world lowest rate

spletnizasyka: decrearse 1% :)

riccinana: second dump wave inc

trushinaviktoriya: i hope so

ilyatronin2014: Etc 10% of Eth would be the target :)

timurkushtaev: btc rate is over 12% higher

ladysiwoxina: alesiyagordyn, yeah, nice arbs

kolunmihaela: Who holds Nmc here ?

spletnizasyka: + 10% withdrawal fee

zdorov1982: xata114, only tha realist niggas around

annasatsuk: kurdakovamari, not me, be happy

lenochkapsih: mabdrahmanov, Yo!!!!!

petroberna: lol waddup

zakay: klarasharifullina, How are you lol ?

kurashevas: high on life again now that WEX is up and running!

hvalevartem9494: salohinoleg, lol

asmikabraamyan: karinkalapina, does ur real TB name rhyme with Litness?

glubot: ismailovmurad, yes lol

telegrammamusic: mrnikita0912, i figured lol nice to see you man

artemkovalevskiy: Great to see you bro

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