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31.08.2019 23:44Sell0.00465944 BTC0.065351 ZEC0.0003045 BTC
31.08.2019 23:43Buy0.00466919 BTC0.436343 ZEC0.00203737 BTC
31.08.2019 23:43Buy0.00466975 BTC0.309318 ZEC0.00144444 BTC
31.08.2019 23:42Buy0.00466985 BTC0.532833 ZEC0.00248825 BTC
31.08.2019 23:41Buy0.00466985 BTC0.774429 ZEC0.00361647 BTC
31.08.2019 23:20Sell0.00464863 BTC0.055474 ZEC0.00025788 BTC
31.08.2019 23:19Buy0.00467026 BTC0.580269 ZEC0.00271001 BTC
31.08.2019 23:19Buy0.00467073 BTC0.012209 ZEC0.00005702 BTC
31.08.2019 22:56Sell0.00464913 BTC0.170577 ZEC0.00079303 BTC
31.08.2019 22:45Sell0.00465336 BTC0.626513 ZEC0.00291539 BTC
31.08.2019 22:44Buy0.00467154 BTC0.79613 ZEC0.00371915 BTC
31.08.2019 22:43Buy0.00467163 BTC0.114088 ZEC0.00053298 BTC
31.08.2019 22:42Buy0.0046726 BTC0.611875 ZEC0.00285905 BTC
31.08.2019 22:42Buy0.00467297 BTC0.438189 ZEC0.00204764 BTC
31.08.2019 22:30Sell0.00464538 BTC0.396625 ZEC0.00184247 BTC
31.08.2019 22:29Buy0.00467323 BTC0.398957 ZEC0.00186442 BTC
31.08.2019 22:16Sell0.00464641 BTC0.155159 ZEC0.00072093 BTC
31.08.2019 22:11Sell0.00464851 BTC0.425452 ZEC0.00197772 BTC
31.08.2019 21:51Sell0.00465101 BTC0.048188 ZEC0.00022412 BTC
31.08.2019 21:43Sell0.00465157 BTC0.107263 ZEC0.00049894 BTC
31.08.2019 21:42Buy0.00467337 BTC0.05256 ZEC0.00024563 BTC
31.08.2019 21:30Sell0.00465303 BTC0.436487 ZEC0.00203099 BTC
31.08.2019 21:29Buy0.00467339 BTC0.3646 ZEC0.00170392 BTC
31.08.2019 21:28Buy0.00467374 BTC0.286876 ZEC0.00134078 BTC
31.08.2019 21:28Buy0.00467385 BTC0.651121 ZEC0.00304324 BTC
31.08.2019 21:27Buy0.00467388 BTC0.338872 ZEC0.00158385 BTC
31.08.2019 21:11Sell0.0046544 BTC0.375519 ZEC0.00174782 BTC
31.08.2019 21:03Sell0.00465316 BTC0.118091 ZEC0.0005495 BTC
31.08.2019 21:02Buy0.00467408 BTC0.677436 ZEC0.00316639 BTC
31.08.2019 20:52Sell0.00465454 BTC1.408976 ZEC0.00655814 BTC
31.08.2019 20:51Buy0.00467411 BTC0.191538 ZEC0.00089527 BTC
31.08.2019 20:51Buy0.0046743 BTC0.114692 ZEC0.0005361 BTC
31.08.2019 20:50Buy0.00467443 BTC0.910369 ZEC0.00425546 BTC
31.08.2019 20:43Sell0.00461776 BTC0.23719 ZEC0.00109529 BTC
31.08.2019 20:14Sell0.00465095 BTC0.193404 ZEC0.00089951 BTC
31.08.2019 20:13Buy0.00467471 BTC0.019835 ZEC0.00009272 BTC
31.08.2019 20:08Sell0.00465271 BTC0.050713 ZEC0.00023595 BTC
31.08.2019 20:07Buy0.00467498 BTC0.45559 ZEC0.00212987 BTC
31.08.2019 20:04Sell0.00465213 BTC0.364272 ZEC0.00169464 BTC
31.08.2019 20:03Buy0.00467535 BTC0.083512 ZEC0.00039045 BTC

Users in the ignore-list:


burezaleha: +t

xaxaxa050: qck11, we will crash to the other market average you believe?

tommycarleone: yes. arbs will come in and crash it. It will be months

olialukina: Poor okcoin.. i liked them! I hope they come back! Btw i dont think coinbase is acepting Chinese accounts yet.. thats got to be bad for viva right?

maksimkov1999: this war is just begining now cold wallet most ur shit

malineo: i got so little here now its a new time

arsenxechoyan: mabdrahmanov, cap still increasing also okcoin still push up

xomidovasanobar: seems like uptrend confirmed

rclens: this is the greatest bubble of all time i may be a billionaire soon

olgaplehovasergeeva: fimkahitman, :D

sashakalvinkovskiy: and what do I say fuk gates lol

ksenijakanashevicha: up we go again okcoin

amanovdenis: had 3 mill here now only 300k

fukic: turbios, really omg why?

pulatbabaev: lost soul :D

turbios: if i were you i killed myself

mihailpismennyi: igor4447, dont trust exchanges now much none of them

elenalitva: maxpriha, i took my shit out didnt lose shit really

dimanikolayuk: xumepuk, so you lost your fund while down ?

oksanamasna: radionbednov, aha okey

babkovandrei: thats good

arsenxechoyan: i felt sad

kagalar: the exchanges r going the way of the bankers fuk that

djscooter: this bubble has not even started yet

borusivachuk: viva - leading the way

kenanmuradli: ehehehe

sandumoshu: viva high and also high fees fuk that

seregasannikov: roach motel

sashaep61: and lets not forget the verification yet to be known

kolekzavalishin: most us holders will be fuked here but they own most here

vinniksvdsma: okcoin reach 59

opelatevgen: oksanamasna, teah im not buying the exchange shit now cold wallet 200k btcs till this shit is over

natalyayurinets: here we come 66

bulychev07: im still a hitman tho if u need service

alexstarodubzew: :D

miroshnikyana: man you should kill kim-joung

vikakostyukova: im the real ghost

ilyatronin2014: why? his next of kin will just take up the family business of opressing korea

marinahaioni: in korea gota killem all

bulychev07: im a one guy man

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