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31.08.2019 23:19Sell57.77045212 EUR0.184892 LTC10.68129443 EUR
31.08.2019 23:19Buy58.21260621 EUR0.155274 LTC9.03890422 EUR
31.08.2019 23:18Buy58.21518993 EUR0.301283 LTC17.53924707 EUR
31.08.2019 23:17Buy58.21994802 EUR0.106493 LTC6.20001692 EUR
31.08.2019 23:16Sell57.77045212 EUR0.471919 LTC27.26297399 EUR
31.08.2019 23:12Sell57.8784178 EUR0.433418 LTC25.08554809 EUR
31.08.2019 23:06Sell57.97091745 EUR0.175496 LTC10.17366413 EUR
31.08.2019 23:05Sell57.94551894 EUR0.523735 LTC30.34809636 EUR
31.08.2019 23:04Buy58.23122467 EUR0.511511 LTC29.78591196 EUR
31.08.2019 22:52Sell57.88344527 EUR0.079205 LTC4.58465828 EUR
31.08.2019 22:52Buy58.2467203 EUR0.058715 LTC3.41995618 EUR
31.08.2019 22:51Buy58.25070495 EUR0.250102 LTC14.56861781 EUR
31.08.2019 22:50Buy58.25699381 EUR0.344924 LTC20.09423533 EUR
31.08.2019 22:32Sell57.84029765 EUR0.142229 LTC8.22656769 EUR
31.08.2019 22:11Sell57.83251212 EUR0.095687 LTC5.53381959 EUR
31.08.2019 22:10Buy58.25901505 EUR0.0393 LTC2.28957929 EUR
31.08.2019 21:57Sell57.77443572 EUR0.125557 LTC7.25398483 EUR
31.08.2019 21:57Buy58.26175974 EUR0.234497 LTC13.66220787 EUR
31.08.2019 21:56Buy58.26681639 EUR0.149343 LTC8.70174116 EUR
31.08.2019 21:43Sell57.8917686 EUR0.266105 LTC15.40528908 EUR
31.08.2019 21:43Buy58.26705454 EUR0.272145 LTC15.85708756 EUR
31.08.2019 21:42Buy58.27079503 EUR0.251802 LTC14.67270273 EUR
31.08.2019 21:30Sell57.98217294 EUR0.063763 LTC3.69711729 EUR
31.08.2019 20:38Sell58.19163495 EUR0.049425 LTC2.87612156 EUR
31.08.2019 20:31Buy58.38339176 EUR0.344979 LTC20.14104411 EUR
31.08.2019 20:27Sell58.36900799 EUR0.248932 LTC14.5299139 EUR
31.08.2019 20:17Sell58.24169771 EUR0.199193 LTC11.60133849 EUR
31.08.2019 19:59Sell57.98966284 EUR0.045723 LTC2.65146135 EUR
31.08.2019 19:58Buy58.29291002 EUR0.519781 LTC30.29954706 EUR
31.08.2019 19:58Sell57.86059495 EUR0.23311 LTC13.48788329 EUR
31.08.2019 19:57Buy58.29433519 EUR0.488644 LTC28.48517712 EUR
31.08.2019 19:54Sell57.96792348 EUR0.074982 LTC4.34655084 EUR
31.08.2019 19:53Buy58.29800818 EUR0.612735 LTC35.72123004 EUR
31.08.2019 19:52Buy58.29898574 EUR0.669012 LTC39.00272105 EUR
31.08.2019 19:49Sell58.17333683 EUR0.066104 LTC3.84549026 EUR

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annasatsuk: btc = master crypto race.

mashanyapuzir: ylchik1892, Atomik swap is the reason I am 100% ltc on VIVA. I never cashed out and never trade any ltc since viva came on line :)

kateperes: malikatara, seriously, it just means btc (idk about others) will be worth that much more

juliazm95: LTC gonna be crazy. Nobody has really even heard the new news or what the future developments really hold that are going to make LTC really stand out.

kolunmihaela: ltc is like the yuan imo: a saftey currency because i almost never moves.

demonpronin: sergebss, I think WEX is already making BTC worth more. WEX coming online when it did was the best timing. Market could have turned more in the other direction. Its was a crucial injection of confidence at the exact right time.

markstadniczkij: get 10% extra viva in for PM

stas0804: dark0men, I think your right

voronovandreiviktorovich: Good times.

ksenijakanashevicha: Wex will come back to btc-e levels. i have faith. The people that like this platform will come back.

ddv2003: drdeere, <<<gets it. Atomic swaps, game changer for Ltc. #2 market cap on schedule for delivery

germanmershin: atomic rocket chicken ignition

olgaplehovasergeeva: i mentioned atomic swaps u fuckers

vzhverelo: drain the swaps

iragarmash: atomic swaps is leading us to decentralized exchanges

kostyazek: mrtakerl, I hope so!

mspirik: gumlivi, haha i just cackled a bit

viktorplovunov: i still have a bookmark for btce and it was on the ltc page. 9.61$

petroberna: lashakupatadze, we dont need centralized exchanges dude!

demidovtolya: the idea is to make it as easy as sending bitcoin from Alice to Bob but this time Bob receives litecoin

antsiborova: you need an exchange to go from btc to ltc.. or eth etc

maksimkov1999: panzer44, oh ok that makes sense. sounds ripe for abuse tho

lleni: kozachuksergei, there would still be an order book

bykant: ksenijakanashevicha, in the same way that localbitcoins has an orderbook

leikor: rclens, so either both coins get swapped, or neither if one person does not send them

nikitakhovatov: playmengood, well minus fees from transfer to esxro

vorotilinaolya: are charts listed anywhere like bitcoinwisdom?

annasatsuk: theres a youtube video with charlie about atomic swaps. its on the world crypto channel if your interested.

djscooter: WEX = World Exchange ?

kolunmihaela: yes

dmitrypoilov: china just banned soft cheeses

stepanulianich: they need to use we viva logo which is used in twitter

nikitabalezin: vorotilinaolya, They do not make cheese, and inport very little.. not cheeze eaters

sergeiartyushenko: *China

turbios: vadikpusik, .......wut?

lolitka1412: the new Wex logo is awesome :D

gennadiytolikov: sasharauder, are they a symbol of imperial capitalism or something?

marinafilofenko: sarpaxaxa, all good

glockbug: telegrammamusic, i like the terms which is clearly against USA haha, WEX learned lesson

mabdrahmanov: prostoalexashka, have you seen bejing? as if china give a fuck about some bacteria

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