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31.08.2019 23:38Sell8688.58891583 EUR0.015605 BTC135.58543003 EUR
31.08.2019 23:26Sell8665.86985013 EUR0.273916 BTC2373.72040587 EUR
31.08.2019 23:26Buy8740.53126495 EUR0.002609 BTC22.80404607 EUR
31.08.2019 23:25Buy8741.79371897 EUR0.065689 BTC574.23968761 EUR
31.08.2019 23:24Buy8742.28313557 EUR0.606078 BTC5298.50547824 EUR
31.08.2019 23:23Buy8743.32927412 EUR0.621319 BTC5432.39660127 EUR
31.08.2019 23:15Sell8731.54432968 EUR0.033505 BTC292.55039277 EUR
31.08.2019 23:15Buy8743.8138517 EUR0.10997 BTC961.55720927 EUR
31.08.2019 23:14Buy8743.99521287 EUR0.160685 BTC1405.02887078 EUR
31.08.2019 23:09Sell8732.39361632 EUR0.05455 BTC476.35207177 EUR
31.08.2019 23:09Buy8744.52858584 EUR0.644043 BTC5631.85242401 EUR
31.08.2019 23:08Buy8744.84697893 EUR0.594911 BTC5202.40566108 EUR
31.08.2019 23:07Buy8749.20011482 EUR0.197581 BTC1728.67570789 EUR
31.08.2019 23:01Sell8736.57707499 EUR0.231496 BTC2022.48264655 EUR
31.08.2019 23:00Buy8749.77993417 EUR0.546657 BTC4783.12844947 EUR
31.08.2019 22:58Sell8734.66338989 EUR0.130499 BTC1139.86483772 EUR
31.08.2019 22:57Buy8751.34023196 EUR0.101876 BTC891.55153747 EUR
31.08.2019 22:53Sell8737.75657006 EUR0.31901 BTC2787.43172341 EUR
31.08.2019 22:40Sell8736.34577737 EUR0.062324 BTC544.48401423 EUR
31.08.2019 22:10Sell8729.12682824 EUR0.113822 BTC993.56667384 EUR
31.08.2019 21:34Sell8749.75845661 EUR0.116992 BTC1023.65174136 EUR
31.08.2019 21:33Buy8752.63687982 EUR0.036746 BTC321.62439479 EUR
31.08.2019 21:22Buy8754.88913188 EUR0.01046 BTC91.57614032 EUR
31.08.2019 21:21Sell8754.14703842 EUR0.639093 BTC5594.71409322 EUR
31.08.2019 21:20Sell8753.85204246 EUR0.020995 BTC183.78712363 EUR
31.08.2019 20:36Buy8758.37086719 EUR0.266025 BTC2329.94560994 EUR
31.08.2019 20:14Buy8769.82708143 EUR0.185655 BTC1628.1622468 EUR
31.08.2019 20:14Sell8753.61164005 EUR0.050719 BTC443.97442877 EUR
31.08.2019 19:34Sell8747.63288684 EUR0.30738 BTC2688.84739676 EUR
31.08.2019 19:12Sell8741.14249416 EUR0.134426 BTC1175.03682092 EUR
31.08.2019 19:03Buy8748.33981347 EUR0.110823 BTC969.51726315 EUR
31.08.2019 18:53Buy8749.10783505 EUR0.06247 BTC546.55676646 EUR
31.08.2019 18:24Sell8737.84599137 EUR0.176463 BTC1541.90651718 EUR
31.08.2019 18:23Buy8749.22011351 EUR0.375727 BTC3287.31822559 EUR
31.08.2019 17:47Sell8735.28529951 EUR0.138133 BTC1206.63116428 EUR
31.08.2019 17:12Buy8759.13128668 EUR0.389796 BTC3414.27433902 EUR
31.08.2019 16:48Sell8746.41773916 EUR0.197531 BTC1727.68864243 EUR
31.08.2019 16:04Buy8756.89266493 EUR0.493182 BTC4318.74183828 EUR
31.08.2019 16:03Sell8741.87410693 EUR0.204724 BTC1789.67143467 EUR
31.08.2019 15:33Sell8729.67810909 EUR0.32674 BTC2852.33502536 EUR

Users in the ignore-list:


seregaperegud: coins high here cause cant get fiat out

santexreal: okcoin still pump omg

petroberna: what a nigh

burezaleha: +t

xaxaxa050: qck11, we will crash to the other market average you believe?

tommycarleone: yes. arbs will come in and crash it. It will be months

olialukina: Poor okcoin.. i liked them! I hope they come back! Btw i dont think coinbase is acepting Chinese accounts yet.. thats got to be bad for viva right?

maksimkov1999: this war is just begining now cold wallet most ur shit

malineo: i got so little here now its a new time

arsenxechoyan: mabdrahmanov, cap still increasing also okcoin still push up

xomidovasanobar: seems like uptrend confirmed

rclens: this is the greatest bubble of all time i may be a billionaire soon

olgaplehovasergeeva: fimkahitman, :D

sashakalvinkovskiy: and what do I say fuk gates lol

ksenijakanashevicha: up we go again okcoin

amanovdenis: had 3 mill here now only 300k

fukic: turbios, really omg why?

pulatbabaev: lost soul :D

turbios: if i were you i killed myself

mihailpismennyi: igor4447, dont trust exchanges now much none of them

elenalitva: maxpriha, i took my shit out didnt lose shit really

dimanikolayuk: xumepuk, so you lost your fund while down ?

oksanamasna: radionbednov, aha okey

babkovandrei: thats good

arsenxechoyan: i felt sad

kagalar: the exchanges r going the way of the bankers fuk that

djscooter: this bubble has not even started yet

borusivachuk: viva - leading the way

kenanmuradli: ehehehe

sandumoshu: viva high and also high fees fuk that

seregasannikov: roach motel

sashaep61: and lets not forget the verification yet to be known

kolekzavalishin: most us holders will be fuked here but they own most here

vinniksvdsma: okcoin reach 59

opelatevgen: oksanamasna, teah im not buying the exchange shit now cold wallet 200k btcs till this shit is over

natalyayurinets: here we come 66

bulychev07: im still a hitman tho if u need service

alexstarodubzew: :D

miroshnikyana: man you should kill kim-joung

vikakostyukova: im the real ghost

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