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sashakalvinkovskiy: bitcoin big comp said to their users to withdraw money as fast as possible... did you see news before 1 week dont know what is going on right now

kruk1981: wathion, please fix the site its changing from eng to Russian and from Russian to eng.. Thanks.

project033: damirkrivov, what about?

lenochkapsih: Now we can learn Russian

sianzi: yasuperigr, why not we did Russian lessons as second language at school in my country then in 90 they put eng...

natalyayurinets: alexsreper, english is most useful. I mean shit more people in india speak english than all of america

vorotilinaolya: with that Indian english xD

olesyabelichenko: osharah4, tokens are ruined

miroshnikyana: Tokens = Worthless

malineo: nastyarubtsova, my honest opinion

tatyana1296: nah

lilyarustamova: No sense is waiting for WEX unicorns

elenalitva: in*

onuchinanadezhda: what is ZEC?

alkapr: viva own coins are the best trust me

wirussmart: how much time you thinks for viva token been paid ?

osharah4: myvidess20, will go more than current worth

kaukinegor: icatcatcat, +1

guzovigor: qck11, PR is in shambles today

viktorplovunov: mashanyapuzir, yes, it would be illogical for them to be worth more than 1

vasek571: spletnizasyka, the orders books supply of USDET keeps increasing

azikavi: kugaewskii, care man, to much indian scammers are out there they work for Pay Per Call they steal CC never call a support team from a virus or block screen in your pc

ladysiwoxina: We started at 5mil on USDET and are now at 7.3mil

daryaaverina1996: maybe its a scam then??

amanovdenis: Murky USDET market rules

alexs74ural: increasing supply would only devalue the token

spletnizasyka: are they allowed to repurchase them at any time?

bulychev07: i suppose they make the rules lol

fetaxe: when the price is near zero hehe

tommycarleone: instant 10x+ profit :)

djscooter: even rigth now is probably a really good time to buy

kaukinegor: There is a good news to all this.

gennadiytolikov: panzer44, you can always trade them in immediately and when you come back to buy them again, they will surely be cheaper to buy back

pawelgalafeev: you could use the money to invest in an ICO or in WTC and make 5x+ back in a month or two

marinafilofenko: daryaaverina1996, yea i dont know why i got carried away and went all in tokens

kamael45: daniilivashko, BTC companies located in china said to users to withdraw as fast as possible, before one week any news? they said china hates btc but loves blockchain.. any news what is going on this days?

anastassyademes: alangazzaev97, yea that was my worst case scenario

raiskajas: kozachuksergei, if he is still here he loves WEX

soso7991: why not trust them btce was honest

miledimargo: lot more honest than bitstamp or kraken who love to freeze account and ask for a lot of docs

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