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31.08.2019 23:41Sell9519.60030041 USD0.05069 BTC482.54853923 USD
31.08.2019 23:33Sell9541.03392738 USD0.01458 BTC139.10827466 USD
31.08.2019 23:24Sell9531.99096278 USD0.032913 BTC313.72641856 USD
31.08.2019 23:23Sell9531.99096278 USD0.010121 BTC96.47328053 USD
31.08.2019 23:22Sell9530.38437398 USD0.249994 BTC2382.53891119 USD
31.08.2019 23:21Sell9534.63764757 USD0.013886 BTC132.39797837 USD
31.08.2019 23:21Buy9592.22478504 USD0.040986 BTC393.14692504 USD
31.08.2019 23:15Sell9569.03137359 USD0.029766 BTC284.83178787 USD
31.08.2019 23:15Buy9600.43057825 USD0.066552 BTC638.92785584 USD
31.08.2019 23:07Buy9603.89867248 USD0.064059 BTC615.21614506 USD
31.08.2019 23:06Sell9592.50229292 USD0.019363 BTC185.7396219 USD
31.08.2019 22:49Buy9592.50229292 USD0.023448 BTC224.92499376 USD
31.08.2019 22:47Buy9612.49182442 USD0.593691 BTC5706.84988373 USD
31.08.2019 22:46Sell9599.94567846 USD0.037572 BTC360.68915903 USD
31.08.2019 22:45Sell9598.9396762 USD0.007517 BTC72.15522955 USD
31.08.2019 22:45Sell9596.66597067 USD0.099689 BTC956.68203395 USD
31.08.2019 22:17Sell9574.43279499 USD0.063198 BTC605.08500378 USD
31.08.2019 22:17Sell9574.43279499 USD0.024442 BTC234.01828638 USD
31.08.2019 22:03Sell9582.86671086 USD0.000668 BTC6.40135496 USD
31.08.2019 22:02Buy9602.52017741 USD0.045346 BTC435.43587996 USD
31.08.2019 22:01Buy9591.2910674 USD0.037629 BTC360.91069158 USD
31.08.2019 21:39Buy9617.13589708 USD0.002658 BTC25.56234721 USD
31.08.2019 21:25Buy9608.3706705 USD0.026733 BTC256.86057313 USD
31.08.2019 21:24Sell9601.51210099 USD0.009298 BTC89.27485952 USD
31.08.2019 21:18Buy9602.32314452 USD0.061978 BTC595.13278385 USD
31.08.2019 21:14Buy9601.95576638 USD0.03007 BTC288.7308099 USD
31.08.2019 21:06Buy9629.85909448 USD0.009554 BTC92.00367379 USD
31.08.2019 21:03Buy9603.75876287 USD0.011189 BTC107.4564568 USD
31.08.2019 21:02Sell9600.51561764 USD0.087755 BTC842.49324803 USD
31.08.2019 21:01Sell9600.45899574 USD0.008006 BTC76.86127472 USD
31.08.2019 21:01Sell9600.45899574 USD0.086148 BTC827.06034157 USD
31.08.2019 21:00Sell9600.39766856 USD0.096318 BTC924.69110264 USD
31.08.2019 20:59Sell9600.39766856 USD0.050902 BTC488.67944213 USD
31.08.2019 20:59Sell9598.81129348 USD0.687997 BTC6603.95337348 USD
31.08.2019 20:17Buy9632.18888205 USD0.089094 BTC858.17023626 USD
31.08.2019 20:01Buy9620.50041063 USD0.05334 BTC513.1574919 USD
31.08.2019 20:01Buy9620.50041063 USD0.037738 BTC363.0584445 USD
31.08.2019 19:48Buy9602.74545094 USD0.379543 BTC3644.65481669 USD
31.08.2019 19:47Sell9597.98443202 USD0.35609 BTC3417.7462764 USD
31.08.2019 19:37Buy9616.41250702 USD0.007175 BTC68.99775974 USD

Users in the ignore-list:


xaxaxa050: daryaaverina1996, you will dream until 2020?

ladyginroman: if btcPoLand here Nvc sure 15$

samarin122: Lol No

petpet15: begunik, Thats what they said about $8 when it was 0.75 cents

azukiazuki: dmitrigad, 10% for euros for shitty rUR too

kamael45: buy buy

dhodanovich: Nvc nmc ppc dead coins

playmengood: alexs74ural, You know better than to call me a dreamer wuahaha

74pen: Nvc go

xagen27: There are many more better coins

kateperes: anyone know how to get veryfied?

lilyarustamova: irktr, to be older out on all coins pending successful trial

sashaep61: nmc and ppc are indeed dead

playmengood: Nmc go

kurbonovazaragul: they hardly moved

soso7991: nikitabalezin, nmc to 15$ on 2020 is not bad prediction i guess

alangazzaev97: The only things dead are Trolls

bacon2002: Not gonnna happen

bykant: lolol

mardanilowa: btc to 500.000 on 2020 or mcaffe will eat his dick... i hope it only reach 490.000 or so

kostyazek: xomidovasanobar, They also said that to me when Ltc was 3.65

nikgunaev: 15 dollars?!! How much should I buy?!

rufusnoch69: mamamd, You focus on 2020 i will focus on 2017

dimanikolayuk: icatcatcat, but i didnt

ilnaz0302: malikatara, nmc to 15 this year? hmmmm

wirussmart: miledimargo, bought Ltc at 3 sold around 6

mzakharyants: mintishinova, 60

dvizhenie: You can put words in my mouth its all good :)

turbios: ilyatronin2014, Great move ?

petroberna: rafayelgalstyan, I bought at 2 and sold at 4 lol

tamerlansaken: Nvc No way

azikavi: mzakharyants, dam

olialukina: Anyway enjoy the action speak soon

gennadiytolikov: Ppc 0.5,Nvc 3$ and they also said die coin what now

babysvetloe: PS dreams come true

zakariga: Daily volume increase

kattybeloglazova: bch to 1000 this year

vadimmaevskij: maxpriha, it did that already

kazhymkhanov14: nikgunaev, because it was not that active today

agadede: Ok now i will go lol

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